It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Descent from heavens

For Three word wednesday



' As the first rain drop wets the ground and the fragrance of moist mud envelops the whole earth she places her feet gracefully into small streams of rain water as if to examine the temperature. With light drizzle drastically changing in to pouring rainfall she allows herself to get drenched in that child like manner running in circles around the solitary cyclist, dancing with a cobbler under the banyan tree, making ripples in the small stream with her long fingers. On her face there is an expression of complete freedom from any bondage. She is packed with enormous amounts of energy, the ever smiling expression on her face never fades with every feat that she performs it only looks like she's growing more beautiful like the nature around her.' Hari had finished reading it. Before voicing his opinion he told himself 'But this is nothing new. In every movie he introduces his heroines this way, dancing in the rain. I better remind him that with knife edge technology we have, the heroine can be introduced in her first scene as landing from her spaceship.'

Mani, the director cum writer comfortably sat on his chair already contemplating the out door locations. He was the best in the field, he knew the art of film making better than any one else in the industry. It was not just for money making that he made movies and this was clear in all his works. His main focus was on the society and the message usually reached across to his audience. They say every artist has a signature style and Mani’s style was his flawless screenplay. He would lock himself in his room for days. He never used a type writer or computer for his writing, he preferred paper and pencil. It always occurred to him that his flow of thoughts and words are much easier when he wrote with pencil and paper.

Hari paced the floor nervously as each step brought him closer to his boss. He did not want to delay the matter any further. Then clearing his voice he said 'Sir, the scene you wrote is excellent.' Mani nodded 'I want you to go to those out door locations with our team. I have...' Hari cut him off and began speaking 'But sir, even in our previous movie 'The teacher' we introduced our heroine in a similar fashion. I know a very good graphic designer who's the best in his work. He will help us to ....'. Before Hari could complete his sentence Mani got up and spoke impatiently but confidently 'What's wrong with this younger generation. Why should the lead woman in every movie look like a Greek Goddess or a emaciated and anorexic model. I want to show the lead woman in my movie as that pretty girl from the next door, or your first school crush. Is that so difficult to understand?’ and walked towards the door. He needed a smoke.

As he blew concentric circles of smoke in to the air, it was not just nicotine that invaded his lungs but also the fragrance of wet mud. A thunder flashed in the dark grey clouds. A scene emerged in front of his eyes from his past.

He was waiting for the bus. Bangalore in his student days had a reckless public transport system. It was raining heavily and people remained under trees and bus stops in an attempt to keep dry. The rain didn’t seem to stop in the near future and Mani had lost hope to reach his room soon. As he began contemplating in his mind about all his unfinished business he became slightly distracted.

A beautiful woman in the opposite crowded bus stop gave up the whole idea of trying to keep dry when rain had invaded all the crevices of the roof and came out in to the rain. She lifted her face up to the sky as if challenging rain. And then she seemed to embrace the rain lifting her hands and then folding then together. Rain poured heavily as if in reply and she hopped all along the road. Singing as she made her way, without the slightest hint that she was being watched by about thirty pair of eyes’ Mani was transfixed looking at her. He wanted that moment to last forever in his life. He took a mental picture of that scene and to this day he hasn’t forgotten even the slightest details of that scene.

He stubbed the butt of cigarette with his right shoe and walked peacefully into the pouring rain.

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