It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This week's words:
Drank; past tense of drink, verb: Take (a liquid) into the mouth and swallow; consume or be in the habit of consuming alcohol, especially to excess.

verb: Move (something) into a different position with a jerk; fasten or tether with a rope; noun: A temporary interruption or problem.

Muster; verb: Assemble (troops), esp. for inspection or in preparation for battle; collect or assemble (a number or amount); summon up (a particular feeling, attitude, or response); noun: A formal gathering of troops, esp. for inspection, display, or exercise.
I sprang out of my bed and began to breath heavily. It was a nightmare! Thank God. That terrible night I had a really bad dream that I drank a magic potion which turned me into a giant. I outgrew my clothes and they tore down. Then my large head began to touch the ceiling and my arms and legs touched the four corners of the room. To my surprise I continued growing so I had to tilt my head, the tip of my nose touched the ceiling. It was all too crazy... I couldn't breath. That has been my biggest fear! Not able to breath...
My unconscious mind somehow mustered the courage to break out of that terrible dream and I was back to my original size. Breathing normally. It seemed like heave. And for the first time I didn't feel bad it was a Monday morning. The nightmare seemed to eradicate all my morning blues. I was just glad my nose didn't continue to touch the ceiling. 
The day seemed normal, all work and no play. I survived college! At four o clock that evening my mobile rang: Movie, Lord of the rings, Symphony 6PM??? I answered back positively. Finally there was something to enjoy that day. I reached my purse buried deep in my college bag and counted how much money was left. Not much actually. There was also my unused ATM card... I wondered why I never used the card. Somewhere deep down I knew I was afraid of the whole thing. 
The guard sitting outside the ATM centre, tall and strong... big black mustache. The claustrophobic prone ATM centre. How do people even breath inside that wretched place. There's no enough place to even swing your hands... I simply dreaded the whole place. But today I intended to overcome this hitch and declared a war on the ATM centre and the guard. I walked three blocks from our college to reach the ATM centre and was absolutely delighted to find the guard missing. The recent occupant swung the door open and I passed a nervous smile... 'How courteous!' I told myself. Then I withdrew a minimal amount and walked back towards the door. The handle of the door was cold. I didnt open. Then I pulled... It didn't open! And then I used all tricks to open the door. No use. I felt doomed. I panicked....
I told myself 'Breath... Breath ... when there's enough air..' But I looked nervously outside and began banging on the door. The guard still hadn't reached his chair. A group of people outside saw my plight but instead of coming to my rescue...they began to laugh. They thought I was trying to play a prank on them. Not one person walked towards the ATM centre. Back then, television shows with pranksters making a fool out of normal people were on the top. I was clearly doomed. When I looked around the ATM centre, the hopelessness inside me precipitated and I began to sweat profusely... 'GIRL CHOKED TO DEATH IN ATM CENTRE...' those were going to be the headlines the next day I told myself... And all the crowd who thought I was some prankster for a television show are going to rot in hell. 
Five minutes passed... the most difficult five minutes of my entire life! I wondered if my dream was going to come true, may be it was a hint to all this menace. I also cursed my friend who called me out for a movie... Oh my bad karma! Then a miracle happened. The guard came running to the door. He motioned his hand to swipe my card through an opening near the door. I fumbled with my card and did the same... And LO! the door opened. It swung open and I was out... Breathing freely again... I thanked the guard and walked away embarrassed!  


  1. I enjoyed your nightmares more that you did! That will teach you to use the ATM centre more often. Have you been reading Alice in Wonderland again?

  2. Sheilagh Lee and BWG: thanks a lot...

    Oldegg: I just watched the movie...