It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Divine passion (4)

The days grew longer and nights grew shorter. They met every night in the forest by the waterfalls. As the moon rose in the mid skies and stars gathered around their fond lover, sky would secretly descend and reach waterfalls. The earth would ascend from her underworld, each time dressed in the best clothes and jewels. Creepers and leaves covered her luminous body one day, while the other day she used the tiger’s skin as a dress, on another occasion she surprised sky by showing up in peacock feathers. She wore pearls one night, the other night her lovely ears were decorated with large diamonds and yet other night emeralds and rubies! Her speechless beauty and her grace swept sky earthwards in a single glance… Sky loved to dress in blue with occasional grayish colors. Young and handsome. His eyes were beautiful, deer like. His eyes showed the depth of the ocean and clarity of a mirror. And in those eyes was the constant image of earth. It seemed like sky had withdrawn from seeing anything else and anyone else, he only looked at earth!   
He demanded the clouds to enclose the both during their lovemaking lest wicked eyes follow them. And the rest of the time they would send messages of love to each other. It affected Sky’s work sometimes. He would constantly look at earth and lovingly smile at her and crash over a cliff. Earth would laugh at sky’s silliness and her laugh echoed throughout the forest. The trees and flowers rejoiced with a new found bliss as the echo reached their ears. The birds chuckled in joy and the sea roared with laughter. It seemed like the whole world was in love. 

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