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Friday, October 17, 2008

à la mode......

#133 - My Style
The prompt this week is: My Style. Do you know what your style is? Or you have you ever said, "That's not my style!" Do you have a personal style? What do you think about style? It's a weird word when you look at it. What do you make of style?

Style is a weird word. I am confused about my style. But I am sure about one thing which is that I have no one particular style. I try different things. I love some styles, I hate some styles and I am biased to try some styles. To share with some of my wierd experiences of Styles is my sole purpose of writing this post.....

I love my curly long hair. It's been a trademark from my childhood. Even in my wildest dreams I cannot imagine 'Straight haired Medhini'. As a kid, I wasn't naughty but I was of that sort which never believed in grooming/ combing hair. The ones which could easily recognized from a distance because there was ugly/sticky/non oiled hair sticking out of their head. Like how other kids of my age used to panic at the word 'Bath' I would panic at the word 'Comb'. Once a week my mother would be successful in completing the task of properly plaiting my hair and it always annoyed me. I loved looking like a rag. I never believed in princess and their fairy tales. As I grew older, I was allured to the many ways of grooming. My little sister was an expert with cosmetics, she's been using lipsticks since the age of four. I loved to look at her applying red lip sticks with those tiny hands. She's been my Guru (teacher) in grooming.

Now when I ponder about the word 'style', I realize that the best style is to be 'yourself'. Instead of using the word 'style' as a basic accessory, it's more rightly used as 'Attitude'. Being comfortable in what you wear which reflects what you really are! Trying to portray some one by cheap imitaion is never fulfilling. Seeing yourself in the mirror with a beaming smile is definitely more pleasing than having to wear high heels and trying to dress like the Miss World herself. Using make up or wearing expensive clothes doesn't make one stylish neither atteding fashion shows and Page 3 parties makes one stylish. If you truly believe in what you are (with make up or without), that's the end of it.

Style really is being able to express yourself ....... Everything else is imitation!


  1. You are so right. I love that all over the world people think and feel the same, which is something to learn from blogging and reading each others blogs.

  2. "If you truly believe in what you are (with make up or without), that's the end of it." Quite right. However, sometimes I wish it were easier to know what one truly is :)

  3. Your last two lines are so true! An interesting post!

  4. Great post, I really love that idea about the whole ungroomed hair thing. It's great that you have a natural trademark like that!

  5. it sounds as if your spirit is strong and will outshine any outward form of style you choose to,, or not to indulge in.....

  6. To

    Crafty Green Poet: Thank you.

    Linda May: That was the very first lesson blogging taught me too...

    Leonard: Long time... How are you??

    Linda Jacobs: Thank you...

    MS Pennylane: You have a very interesting site....

    Paisley: Should agree to that... Thanks...

  7. style and attitude..ah a wonderful combination

  8. well said, medhini. myself, i've always been a little lackadaisical when it comes to looking perfect. i keep my hair short because i don't have the patience to fuss with it and i put on makeup in the morning and hardly ever touch up during the day. my boss once laughed at the size of my makeup bag because she says i never wear any! and, it's true! yes, to me style, more than anything is a reflection of the self, not the way one dresses it up.

  9. Being comfortable in one's skin is a style statement if you ask me :)

    And heard the saying "It better to be a first rate version of yourself than a third rate version of someone else"?
    This is one of my all time fav one liner.