It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Friday, February 12, 2010

And the dangling conversations...

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'Let's play a game!' she suggested with the enthusiasm of a three year old. 'No discussions about work, for an hour. We will see who wins this one!' It was an open challenge and he had to accept it. It felt like something new was about to happen and pretended to contain the excitement. 'Ok I am not going to lose this one', she told herself. 'This place is beautiful, isn't it.' he asked. 'Yes, it is' she nodded in agreement. 'I liked those lights hanging down there, its very elegant!' and she began dreaming about a day when such lights would hang in her home. 'And, probably they wont be hanging by some corner! Where shall I put it?' she was lost in her thoughts.

He adjusted the sleeves of his blue colored shirt and she sank looking into the menu. Words didn't shoot up for quiet sometime, then both of them spoke together 'Chinese?' 'Tandoor...' and broke into fits of laughter. They were two completely different people, this was not new to them. Finally the 'Order', like them was a 'mixture' of Chinese and Indian food. Their friends were always amazed by this amalgam of personalities, some envied them and a few wouldn't believe that such different people can live under the same roof!

'What happened to your cricket game? thought you would ditch me for the game' she inquired carefully reminding herself about their 'pact for the day'. 'It's raining and they called off the match, didn't you see the TV' he answered unable to hide the disappointment. 'Have I ever sat through a single game of cricket... anyway I was busy reading a book. 'Love during the times of Cholera...' she said with a bright smile. He froliced 'What kind of a name for a book!' Her face turned red 'No, don't you dare...' and before she could display fury, her attention turned towards a song they were playing at the restaurant ' Like a poem poorly written We are verses out of rhythm' she hummed along and he joined 'Lost in the dangling conversation And the superficial sighs,Are the borders of our lives' ... they sang together the rest of the song, in perfect harmony holding hands!


  1. This looked sooo real. My hubby is a sports freak and I'm a dreamer who lives in the world of books and color yet we manage to live in harmony. I could relate ourselves to that conversation-lol.

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