It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fountain of happiness

I had a strange dream one night which shook my convictions about the perception of happiness. It was a wonderful dream, I was happy, I laughed a lot and remained in an elevated state the whole time. I knew nothing was true but I enjoyed seeing myself happy. Like a little girl, I wanted the dream to last forever. I didn't want to open my eyes. And when the day broke, I thought I would continue to remain in that cheerful mood. But I found myself to be irritated and annoyed, more than the usual days. It was a strange feeling. I kept visiting the dream in my mind, a hundred times. I tried to believe that was the truth and denied what was happening around me (inspiration from movie inception), it wasn't so.

I tried to recreate the same events as in the dream in my real world, it wasn't so. And this disappointed me and added to my annoyance. After a while I began to diagnose the trouble at hand. Why can't I be happy like I was in my dream? What brings me happiness? Why am I not happy now? I analyzed the various events which brought me happiness and the ones which angered or irritated me. First, they were all confusing but then there was a definite pattern of happiness and a definite pattern for sadness. To name a few:I am overjoyed when
  • I am around the people I love
  • I have an exhilarating conversation with interesting people
  • My efforts are recognized/encouraged  
I feel disturbed when:
  • Something does not work according to MY plan
  • I fail (at anything)
  • I get blamed for somebody's mistake
It sounds like a list of kid. I don't deny that...

I have taken my first step towards happiness. I have begun a search for the fountain of happiness... I know it's somewhere within me and not in some dream I saw/book I read/words I heard. It's not easy but one day I will succeed.


  1. The moment I am dreaming, sometimes I forcefully try to open my eyes. But no success.

  2. to dream or have a desire is to know that someday somehow it will be realized :) a good post. well said :D

    My ABC W post

  3. I've been musing about joy and happiness. Happiness is fleeting, but when you have the joy of those you value, the passing irritants can pass.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. happiness is within us
    and wats within is wat shows out :D
    and wat we see is wat we feel from inside :D
    awesome post dear :)

  5. Intriguing and I can identify!

    Thanks so much
    ABC Team

  6. Medhini, you will definitely succeed!!

    All the best!

  7. Thank you ABC team for the warm welcome! U guys are great.

    Renjith, thanks for the support!