It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I weep not that the Lovers went over the edge,
I weep not for the man who never relished the slumber of his Moon,
I weep not for the woman who never danced with her Lion,
I weep not for the unfinished twice bitten apple,
I weep not for the Love that went unsaid,
I weep not for the twice unrequited Love,
I weep not for twice unsated passion,
I weep not hands that never touched,
I weep not for eyes that never met,
I weep not for hearts that never beat as one,
I weep not that for that unbridled storm of emotion denied,
I weep ..........for fear that I may never know such Love !
Marisha Peter-Santhiago


  1. Dear Marisha,

    That was a wonderful piece... Thank you and welcome aboard!!!

  2. Marisha Peter-SanthiagoApril 2, 2011 at 2:19 PM

    thanks for giving me the opportunity !! and thanks for ur patience !!

  3. hey this was amazing.

    Btw, I like the collection of music which you have put on your blog. I was keep coming to your blog to just listen the music. Songs are wonderful and the collection is really awesome.

  4. AMAZING...!! I was speechless for a long minute!!


  5. Nice work Marisha,a fusion of art and poetry.