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Monday, October 10, 2011

Antha.... (The end)

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Carry On Tuesday # 126

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is considered to be one of the greatest novels of modern times. The opening words are simple, an expression we use time and time again!
It was love at first sight
Use part or all of the prompt at the beginning or within your poem or story. Please leave your name and url with Mister Linky. A commentas love at first sight
 Inertia was catching up with Adya. A loud laughter explode from what seemed to be lovers transported her back to the world of 'NOW'. Adya wondered at her recent plight. The strange connection with Siddhartha and her memories flooding back seemed like a volcano exploding. Also Adi's call which seemed like an interruption rather than a pleasure caused Adya to redefine her relationships. How much the past was eating her up...


It was love at first sight. And now it's been a year since a new meaning came into my life. Adi with all his gentleness and love has completely won me over. I see life with a new pair of rose colored glasses. The shades around me are so soothing and life seems relaxing. Something of a holiday trip...

I am looking forward to spend the day, the whole day with him. I can buy a small cake, just for us and a few candles. It will be a surprise...

The whole day, Adya spent in planning about the date. She took care not to reveal any of the surprise details. It was eight PM and Adi hadn't turned up yet. Restlessness began to grip Adya's state of mind. And before she could control her mind she realized it was over... Something went terribly wrong that day. It was a fight that never ended.    

Discontent filled Adya's heart. Life seemed unfair. Taking away slowly and cunningly that which was gifted. It taught her the lesson of detachment. Tears formed in those large eyes as she bent over to look at her  reflection in the lake. Her reflection seemed to smile and along with the breeze she heard a soft cry 'what are you running away from?'. The voice resounded in her ears forever. She felt her feet firmly rooted to the ground. When she tried to shout, her voice refused her order. Fear began to grip her mind instantly. She turned to look in the direction of the voice and saw a boatman in the lake. Within seconds he disappeared and Adya felt a new hope within...  

Now, as Adya looked at the lake and thought about the reflections, she remained calm... She began to observe the flowing water. Blue, clear and so relaxing. Her mind was clear of clutter. The edges of the lake shone brightly, looked almost golden. As the sky was turning into a bright red hue, the color of water changed from blue to a orange color. It seemed to Adya that the lake was much calmer and the splashing of water against the walls kind of made a different sound. Gentle. Peace and serenity took over the whole place. The trees danced to the tunes of the evening breeze and called upon Adya to join them.

Adya decided to let go off the past... Forget the disappointments. Let go off twists with fate and embrace a new way of life. And then came along 'Siddhartha'.... a new hope in life... She closed her eyes and listened to the lake. It was whispering to her in a language she hardly understood. A cloud of peace encompassed her and lifted her to an unknown level where words lost their meanings, languages vanished into thin air.      


  1. Nice portrayal of emotions :)

  2. Well crafted and lot of sentiments!! It did end on a hopeful note!!

  3. thank u friends... completing Adya to Antha was definitely challenge...

  4. Nice short short story. If only it were that easy. Easy to let the past go. Well done.