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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Six unforgettable images of princess Diana

Princess Diana remains the most adored  member of the British royal family. She is an inspiration  to young women  even today,  twenty years  after her accidental death. What made the once shy little  young girl  win millions of  hearts throughout the world?

1. Diana Spencerwas  born on July 1st 1961 near Sandrigham,  England. Her parents divorced when Diana was young. A disharmony at home  maybe the reason  that  Diana grew shy in her early years. Her nanny recalls that young Diana always dreamt of being happily married in to a large family. It was in boarding school  Diana stepped out of her shadows and developed interest in sports and ballet. She had a sense of style even as a kid. 'She loved everything which was small and furry' her mother said regarding her love for animals from a tender age.

Princess Diana with brother Charles

2. Princess Diana worked as a assistant  cook and teacher after her finishing school.  While she was working as a teacher in kindergarten she was introduced to Prince  Charles. They dated for about  six months  before their nuptial. Their wedding was consideredas wedding of the century and fairytale wedding. 29th July 1981 was the royal wedding  which was extravagantly arranged. It was declared a national holiday in United Kingdom. The wedding vows by Diana were quite  non traditional and stirred a buzz in social  circle. She excluded the promise to 'obey' her better half and took an oath to 'love him, comfort him honor him and keep him in sickness and health'. 

Prince Charles and princess Diana on their wedding day 

3. Princess Dianas ways was approachable and emotional to general public. Many  have  criticized her for her 'un royal'ways of doing and saying things. But it did have a positive effect and brought the monarchy closer to the people. Her appealing attitude in interviews began to change the way people percieved the royal family. 

 Princess Diana with royal family

4. Princess Diana will always be remembered for her keen interest to be the voice for the people in need. She was a beautiful princess beyond doubt but also was a princess who rolled up her sleeves and worked for her people. She was an advocate for the homeless people and often visited shelters for the homeless with her sons. AIDS patients were another group of people for whom Diana worked. She raised millions of dollars for AIDS and cancer patients. She also worked to create awareness and remove stigma surrounding these patients. Diana also strongly recommended ban of land mines around the world. Both her sons continue to work  with  charities advocated by their mother. She has been a strong and positive influence in their lives to this day.
Princess Diana with sons William and Harry 

5. Princess Diana as a fashion icon was well known right from the 1980s. Her style was elegant and beautiful. She not just wore every dress with 'style' but made each dress her 'own'. She was nicknamed as 'dynasty Di' by tabloids for broad shouldered gowns she wore. A striking feature in her dressing style were the beautiful clutch purses that she held very close all the time. It was only later realized that she did so to cover her modesty, especially  while  getting  into and getting off cars. Thats a lady with style. Later on  princess Diana also confessed about suffering from bulimia. 

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