It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A microcosm within a macrocosm- page 1

As I walked along coconut grooves circumambient my route I could trace back this road to my childhood. A vivid memory began to appear in my mind. I could see myself, as a six year old beside me was a familiar face. The focus of my mind turned to the face. Yes, I can see him now. it was the brilliant face of Mithun, my childhood buddy. Walking laboriously beside me was Mithun. Oiled hair combed back a checked shirt which contained around four colors, carrying a bag, talking in a meticulous manner. Ok now let me focus on what Mithun was saying on this Monday morning on the way to school. Focus focus focus.

I now hear a confident loud voice. We were talking about a recent discussion that was a revealation to both of us. It was a English class where a lesson was being taught about Galileo Galili. His famous Pisa tower experiment. On Sunday we had tried the experiment ourselves. We suspended two stones of approximately equal mass into the water. Waited to hear the first splash of water. SPLASH. Ok they created ripples at the same moment, we observed. Next we suspended a heavy stone and a lighter stone at the same instant. Both the objects traveled at the same speed. The only difference was the sound with which stones touched the water surface. SPLASH. Splash.

We were at the point of an argument and I had finished my say about the matter and now it was Mithun’s turn. I patiently listened to him reasoning out. What he spoke appealed to my mind, I silenced my doubts. What had begun as a bandinage became our leisure pursuit. It was in the eighth grade they taught us about gravity and it’s laws, several years after our experiment. By then we had mastered basics of classical Newtonian physics. And enthralled at studying various theories about the atomic nature.
I saw the well which had witnessed our first scientific feat. I picked up a few stones and threw them. Splash. SPLASH.


  1. To readers

    A microcosm within a macrocosm is a story I thought about when I accidently stumbled upon the following:

    “God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of His own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of the players, (ie everybody), to being involved in an obscure and complex version of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a Dealer who won't tell you the rules, and who smiles all the time.”

    It revolves around three characters, ‘I’ ‘Mithun’ and a whole universe.

    I hope you all will have a great time reading.

  2. I got goosebumps reading your comment.

  3. No rules, blank cards, pitch dark room... Reminds me of the game called dark room I used to play with my cousins as a kid. Then it was fun but this sounds eerie. But, seriously is what God does(Well I don't knw if God does it anyways!!!) so scary or obscure or is it the meaning we attach to what he does complex and obscure?? Will wait n watch how the story unfurls. :)

  4. To shruthi:
    A few more posts under this label will definitely cause goosebumps!!

    To Rafiki:
    Please wait and watch! Lot of eerie things in store.

  5. very refreshing.. and made me smile.. and again reminded me of the simpler times.. n whats wrong with today's education.. but i did have a great time reading.. as always!

  6. To Ankit:
    thats very sweet of u!