It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The annihilation of ‘czar’

I wandered aimlessly around my territory. I was hungry for blood. A mordant desire arose in me. It was only a matter of time till I pinned down my innocent victim. But for now, I remained the untitled emperor of my terrain. Recollections of my past glories when I was young was a favourite past time. Those were the days… How the members of the opposite sex were in love with me! how they reacted to my ebullient personatily! Tuning theselves to my frequency. And those were the days when I was known as a ferocious killer. Deadly to my victims, I was one of the most efficient ‘blood earner’. The ladies called me ‘the czar’. My genial youth passed away like a speeding sand clock. Now I bear the weight of being old. But my spirits are high as ever. I still buzz around in my territory.

Suddenly there was a raucous. The train came to a stop and people rushed into the train like a hord of animals. I moved safely to a secluded spot. My eyes scanned for a eligible victim. After years of experience I have learnt to choose the best among the best. And I have devised a clever way of getting what I want. Its not a simple process you see. A lot of planning is required and the risks are greater than what we imagine.
1. the victim should be fast asleep or totally inactive.
2. the victim should be gaping at a beautiful girl sitting in the opposite seat.
3. never attack victims who are calculating salaries, reading balance sheets and discussing matters of financial importance. During these times I have observed that the degree of sensitivity doubles.
4. never attack women. They are too sharp and fast to react.

My eyes carefully passed through the hord, I had to do this before the next station or the en masse will disappear. A huge healthy homosepian male lay on a seat snoring. Yes, this is a great challenge to me! but I should avoid the route where the gust of wind from his nose is blowing. It will cause a cyclonic effect. I selected the left fleshy hand. The majestic flight began and I approached my victim swiftly. I delivered a painless bite. This is A+ve blood. Tasty but not as delicious as O-ve. The taste of blood seemed to intoxicate me. and I never knew when a fleshy right hand approached me seemingly tiny profile. But I am no amateur. I retreated. Good! I congratulated myself. I waited till sometime, a quick defense may spell doom for me. Relishing the taste of the new found victim I decided to send a quick sms to my whole family. Here seemed a feast waiting. I shouldn’t be enjoying it alone. They were in the neighboring compartments and quickly we all danced around our victim. Buzzing around him. Dancing joyously. Intoxicated. ‘Long live our king’ they shouted. That was my ‘moment’. And I stopped to listen to their chants. A shodow moved behind me and then ‘patt’. Everything is beginning to blur but I continue to listen ‘Long live our king’.


  1. lol!!
    that was very well written! :)
    nice blog u've got here buddy! :)
    i've added u in my blogroll, will be back for more! :)

    peace & love

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  3. Made me laugh. :)
    Btw, I posted an anonymous comment on the previous post... coz I didn't know I was signed in... and was too lazy to have to. ;)

  4. To shruthi

    if u'r good to urself, only then u can be good to others.

    I was waiting for ur comment!

  5. Your posting has an incredible eeriness about it. I think of voices from other worlds that never cease to speak.