It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

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'Bhayya, hum going kaha first?' Pali spoke to the driver. The driver looked at Pali through the mirror and smiled, then said 'First is monsoon palace sir'. The trio literally jumped off their seats. This was a pleasant surprise to them. Though the words and accent sounded a little tarnished and Hinglish, they were more than pleased that he could communicate with them. 'It's like finding a lake admist the desert. We are glad!' replied Pali in his usual poetic expression and the magic wanded fingers. 'Stop it Pali, I hate it when you go all dancing with those fingers like that and every muscle twitches in your face and your eyes...... ' said Dev. This was the hundredth time he was criticizing Pali for his body language. 'Cool Dev. Glad we found a companion in our driver Bhayya.' said Raj speaking for the first time since the latest developments. 'We have a lot to cover. Can You drive fast?' said Pali haltingly to the driver and waited for a reply. 'Yes I drive fast now.' It was music to their ears. After 12 hours in this place, they had lost the hope of finding some one who can speak to them in English.

Looking out through the window, they could not help but enjoy the pleasant weather. Things were silent for a few minutes. Sun was not very severe, it was a cloudy day. There was so much greenery around, small lakes looked like big drops of water spilled, hills looked like green masses. Ocassionally they could spot deers in the forest along side the road. There was a lot of photo clicking sounds, infact that was the only sound heard. Even Dev had nothing to complain....

'This place is amazing.... I like it here' Pali the poet said aloud. 'Yes, it's not all that bad ' Dev agreed. Raj hummed on a old hindi tune and the driver joined in the chorus. It was the most blissful part of the journey and the desert seemed to begin to have an effect!

As the car neared the parking area, the three readied themselves to get down well equipped. They had sun screen on their face. Then came the 'Lonely planet' book and the audio version of 'Guide Me'. Finally came their fast track googgles! Dev had a head band on.... 'Looking cool and all?' he asked eyeing the general public. The picture of this palace was on social studies text books, Grand and all. The three began their journey inward, with the audio CD on.....

'Welcome to the palace of......' a sweet voice of a lady (who probably never visited India but was just reading from the script paper) in absolutely flawless english guided the three through the tour of palace. 'Pali, this spot is A. Look it's marked here 'A'. Come here, listen to me...' Dev shouted as Pali blindly was following what he thought was the right way. Raj was following his intelligence.


  1. nature can silence anyone. even Dev who makes a keen observation on any small movement and brings it to notice. Ain't it?

  2. Kind of. BR Hills. Leh. Koteshwar. Sakleshpur.