It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The advent of Raj Dev Pali

'There are two colors to best describe this place , "Yellow and Red". Yellow and red for all the beautiful lehangas said Pali in a poetic expression moving his hands in air like a magician. 'You are wrong Pali, the two words are "Black' and brown"- Black for the buffaloes and brown for the buffaloe's ?":<;'?>:" @#$%$#@$ roared Dev. After finishing his sentence immediately Dev covered his nose. 'There are just two words for now guys, Shut. Up. ' said Raj silencing them both. Dev and Pali were always at the extreme ends and Raj was their reality check. They laid down on the scantily spread beds which hardly raised above the floor and stared at a fan rotating about 5 rotations per minute, dirty and grey. They had reached their destination. Rajasthan. They had a long day ahead and very little time to rest.

Raj, Dev and Pali were three different people with different perspectives to life but had few common interests. They were all software professionals, they loved reading books and they loved travelling. Once a year they would meet up, explore atleast one small part of a whole state in India. Last time it was Kerala, and this time it was Rajasthan.

'I told you before, I wanted to stay at the five star hotel. Not in this rat hole. And see what we got now! Cold water bath.' The day began early for the three hitchikers with Dev complaining. 'You call this a holiday' he screamed. The others ignored his words and Dev had to leave silently. 'So what's the plan of action Boss?' Pali asked Raj enthusiastically. He was ready with his camera and diary in hand from Four in the morning. Pali was the 'Ever ready' optimistic guy with a smile on his face and his heart on his sleeves.

Raj yawned liesurely, got out of bed and replied 'We are going to the Monsoon palace first. Everything is arranged' Raj was a man of few words but also the man who kept up his words. A taxi picked them up from the 'Rat hole' and they were heading now towards the Monsoon palace. The driver was a localite and was playing popular bollywood numbers on 'medieval' Radio. In between the drive ocassionally the driver turned back to talk to them in a language so fluent and fast that they could only identify it as Hindi. They never understood a word but only nodded and their attmepts to converse failed miserably, or so it seemed.

Dev began 'How are we ever going to enjoy this trip! What was I even thinking when I agreed to make this trip. We can't even speak good Hindi guys.' Pali replied this time patiently 'Remember our Kerala trip, we didn't know a word of Malayalam then. But we could still manage. It's going to be the same here. Now, I will show you a small demonstration. Just watch.' 'When Pali get's in to the skin of these demonstrating business, it's impossible to stop him. Embarassment is the net result of such demonstrations. But I will wait and watch' said Dev positively. Pali accepted his challenge and turned towards the driver......

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