It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Broken promise

Option Four: Fiction

All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.
~Federico Fellini

Using the above quotation as your inspiration, write a flash-fic, scene, or short story involving pearls.

'There she comes again! I better run, I don't waana be involved with this one again' Farida told herself as she looked at the old lady walk through the doors of her work place. Nazir, the new guy in the jewellery store welcomed the old lady with a warm smile. Farida silently prayed that this encounter would go smooth. She liked him. She thought he was cute.

The old lady returned Nazir's smile. It was a toothless smile but the eyes shone brightly like a pair of diamonds. Nazir silently checked the potentiality of the customer. Yes, she wore gold bangles and a glimpse of a gold necklace was seen partly covered by the sari. She looked all right, potential and all was good. That's what Nazir thought as the customer sank into the chair opposite to him.

'Yes my boy, I would love to look at pearls. Show me the best you got!' she said with an authoritative voice. Though 'Pearls' was not exactly what Nazir would settle for, but he never allowed the expression of discouragement to be seen on his face. he ran his hand over the counter to open it through the key he had and picked a few necklaces with pearls. The best they had got. Farida noticed Nadir picking up the necklaces with his delicate fingers and thought 'His fingers look very feminine. Long and thin. Sign of an artist. Let's see how talented he really is!'

The old lady began to inspect the jewellery placed on the glass table. The lights in the shop shone so brightly that everyone around looked beautiful. She picked up one of the necklaces with her shivering hand and began to inspect the pearls. Her fingers ran smoothly over each pearl and Nazir began to feel that he is in the presence of a genius. He began to read the thoughts of this customer. His friends always felt he was a mind reader. And that he was like a radio and could tune his frequency to other's thoughts. But Nadir knew more than that. He listened to what her mind was telling her 'these big white pearls. They are beautiful my dear. Look at them, pearly white creatures. They bring so much joy to my heart. You promised me, but it was not fulfilled.' Nadir's mind was distracted. He knew she was hallucinating. She was talking to some one.... who wasn't there. He simply stared at her again and the lady continued adoring the pearls. He knew it. He knew she isn't going to buy anything. She has come here to relive the past moments.

He slowly kept the other sets of necklaces inside without distracting his customer and then entered her mind again. 'You bought me gold and diamonds. Lots of them. And even without me asking for anything. But you never kept up the promise of a pearl necklace. You hated pearls. I knew it. You hated everything I loved.....' At this point Nadir caught the eyes of Farida staring at him through a hand mirror. He gave a nervous smile and Farida blushed. The lady was lost in her thoughts. Though he had no interest to read her thoughts anymore, he continued to watch the elderly woman. She was playing with the necklace. She adored it undoubtedly but he knew she will never buy it.

A promise remained unfulfilled, a love which was denied had run this woman near to insanity. She would crave for pearls but never buy it herself. There was 'someone' who promised her but never kept up that promise. And she seemed to wait for an eternity hoping that 'the promise' be fulfilled. When she was out of her trance after several minutes, Nadir was very much present. 'Boy, I am too old for pearls now. May be I should go. Thank you.' she said and rose gracefully and walked out of the store. Nadir didn't seem surprised and put those pearls back safely in it's place. 'She will come again' he told himself.

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