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Sunday, November 2, 2008

National Novel Writing Month is here....

I am 48 hours late already, that means by the 30th of November by 50,000 words novel should be ready and I have to write around 1700 words per day. I welcome the readers to join me at Nanowrimo . Here is the short synopsis of a novel I have in my mind.

Return to the repository
Short synopsis

Return to the repository is a compilation of archives by a widower. Mr.Rajanna, a 50 year old retired school master sits in a coffee shop sipping coffee and is distracted by a tune played on the radio. It’s an old melody he used to sing to his wife whenever she was away from home. The song rekindles lost memories and takes him back to the ‘safe’ where he locked those cherished moments for good. Return to the repository is a parody where Rajanna, our hero takes us along the journey of love and hate relationship in his marriage. Being a school master, Rajanna is a keen observer of the changes taking place in the society and makes references to the various changing concepts in the fields of education, politics, social status, movies, life of the common citizen and many such issues with a touch of innocence and ignorance. The journey which begins in the coffee shop in Malleshwaram, Blore dates back to thirty five year to a small town in Karnataka, Maddur. Ramu is the new servant boy aged ten. Rajanna’s present and one and only companion in his six bedroom old mansion. On that fateful evening when the story begins, Rajanna returns to the old repository where several hidden facts remain to be disclosed to young and innocent Ramu.


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  2. very interesting..though I dont belong to bangalore, I feel compelled to read it as i live close to malleswaram where my inlaws stay and they have their roots near maddur as well..would def read this

  3. Thanks Lakshmi. It's a great co-incidence isn't it... Both Maddur and Malleshwaram...

  4. I came here to leave a comment on your CW submission - I fear insects as well, but spiders REALLY terrify me more -but it seems comments are disabled?

    In any case, thanks for the submission. I've been lingering here because your music player keeps offering vintage Simon & Garfunkel tunes, and I like both their use of imagery and the music itself.

    It's very restful.

    -- MissMeliss / Cafe Writing