It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

End of season.....

Photo courtesy: Souvik Prometure

They looked happy to leave. Their faces beamed with energy of exploring another place. We hugged and kissed good bye. And I kept wondering 'How can they leave?' The frustration was killing me within. But I didnt move from the place. I continued watching the sea, Green, Blue, White, Golden.... I kept searching for more colours and hours passed till I saw the next batch of people leaving. Carla and George paused at my table, released their heavy luggage and signalled the others to go on. I smiled faintly and said 'Where next?' They ignored my question and said 'It's time for u to leave too. You know that! Better pack your bags, stay with the rest!' I already knew where they were heading, to the North East. I nodded and wished them a safe journey. And then took a sip of whatever I was drinking and continued to watch the sea. Peace.

As the sun began to dissolve into the vast sea, I sighed at the beauty of nature for a thousandth time. The sky looked like an orange potion as I walked back along the beach. This period was a depressing time here. Three months back the night sky was lit with fireworks. The beach was full of people walking up and down. The shacks looked like beautiful and inviting. It was carnival time throughout. Nobody slept at nights. The music was always ringing in our ears. Now the shops closing down, the shack workers calling it off for monsoon, covers coming up over these places. It was painful to see isolated areas, it seemed like people were packing after a circus act. Those who remained had an wornout smile. They knew it was time for them to get HOME. 'End of act 1' I heard an inner voice telling me.

When I first set my foot in Goa, seven months back I knew I was here to stay. I never once left the place in all these days. And my routine was pretty much the same : watching the sea. It's a mystifying experience, to watch waves huge ones roaring as though to eat up land. But humbled at the slightest touch of earth! Again they rise and fall and wash the feet of earth. An army of immortal waves, they look like at times. It's the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I found peace at last away from home, here. I was in love with the sea. And the season of love never seemed to end.

As I stood there mystified by the sea, I felt the first few drops of rain wash away my fears. I began to walk towards the sea......


  1. beaches are awesome. goa is awesome.

    i feel mystified by the sea too...the energy and the sound of waves, slows down our incessant internal dialogue.
    Its hard to even take eyes from the are just enchanted by the beauty.

  2. this pictures shows the beauty of of nature. I like it...
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