It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Monday, August 3, 2009

And they lived happily ever after.......

As I watched Rakhi Sawant choose her 'better half' in a so called 'swayamwar' my mind travelled back to the days I believed in fairy tales. My favorite character was Rapunzel, the one with the long hair locked up in a castle. Remember!

It's every girl's favorite line! Cinderella lived happily ever after, after her prince rescued her from the wretched family. Snow White lived happily ever after after she awoke from a slumber with a kiss from the prince. Fairy tales, that's what girls are expected to read in their early childhood. I asked my neighbour's daughter what her favorite fairy tale character was, the six year old thought deeply before she shyly answered 'Sleeping beauty' and her cheeks blushed. When I asked her why she didn't like Red Riding Hood or the Little Mermaid, she told me that they were boring since there wasn't any prince!

I tried to remember how I had evolved as a reader since childhood and how seriously I took my reading! And it was really a process of soul searching, I should say. I loved the fairy tales, every one of them. The beautiful princesses, the perfect nose, the lovely dresses, the grandeur, the love, the romance! Who doesn't like a fairy tale. Everyone does! As I grew up, I took a liking to Enid Blytons like all kids of my age. But definitely there was 'something' not so magical about the secret sevens and the famous fives. And then came the Sidney Sheldons, Michael Crightons, Hardy boys, NancyDrews........ Yes I loved them all. The nail biting thrillers, glamour filled pages of a world completely different from where I live. Then came along R K Narayan's books. They had a touch of romance, beautiful and graceful. By then I had outgrown the idea 'and they lived happily ever after.....'. I knew it didn't exit any more, not even in the books.

I was around fourteen then, when my world of 'And they lived happily ever after....' began to get shaky. With all due respect to the Royal family, I was shattered by the death of Pricess Di. A million others must have lost their hopes that day. We all got our reality check. Come on, she was a princess. Not some lady... What happened to her prince! They kept playing the video of her wedding day on the television.... And it was heart breaking. It was meant to be a fairy tale..... they were supposed to live happily ever after.


  1. Welcome back to blogging. Has been quiet sometime shd say. "And they lived happily ever after" does exist, but not in this material world. Our stay here is nothing but a transit, where we finish all our experiments, take the trash out of our heads and start to open our hearts up. Throughout our lives, we have been building bridges to another world. The sanctity of our dreams, the purity of our actions and above all the desire to serve that supreme spirit are the bricks that we are layin down to construct that bridge which is goin to take us to our true abode. The bricks shall be laid one by one and step by step, it doesnt matter if it takes a 100 lives or a 1000 deaths to finally build the bridge; to crossover to that world where we all shall live happily ever after in that eternal abode, our true home.

  2. Few months after finding her life partner she's started complaining on him... clearly she couldn't do her selection properly...