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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last night I dreamt I....


Your prompt for Tuesday November 2nd

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier starts with the words -

Last night I dreamt I..........

Use all or part of it within your poem or prose, and then leave the url of your post with Mister Linky and a comment.

The buzzing of insects felt musical to my ears. They seemed to follow a rhythm and I began to focus all my senses to understand this beauty of nature. After a while, the buzzing and the croaking all seemed like an orchestra and I began to hum in my own stupid way, thought I did add to the chorus! The night seemed dead as always. The station was deserted as I waited on the wooden bench for the 2.30 A.M. train.  The decaying bench was stone hard and I constantly shifted to realize a better position in which a lesser trauma could be inflicted. The creatures of night kept me company, the dog sat close by and seemed to meditate. I suddenly felt a feeling of warmth come over myself for the dog. He does struggle with me, every night with this routine.

The station master sleepily walked along and saluted with respect when he looked at me. I smiled back and wondered strangely if he noticed me everyday sitting here. I looked down at the clothes I was wearing, loose, dirty... covered with stains. It felt strange, I looked around and wondered about the remote possibility of finding a mirror. Today I am a different person, before it's too late I wanted to see what I look like. When I got up from the bench, I realized my feet didn't feel very strong. My head seemed to reel and for a minute everything around seemed to revolve. It was only for a minute, and I looked up at the night sky and took deep breaths. It felt better. I touched my head to feel my hair, to my surprise there were only a few , scattered roughly. I was a bald old man today....

The ground beneath my feet began to shake, I need to catch the train before it's too late. Will I be able to walk towards it? Standing up seemed quiet a challenge in this body. I walked a few paces, it felt all right. I will  be able to do it. Saying so I began to feel my face, wrinkled skin. Too many folds. I dreaded at the image of my face. And slowly walked towards the bench. The dog seemed to have found a friend in a young boy who was feeding him biscuits in a strange frightened way. He would stretch out his hands as if to feed the dog and as the dog moved closer, he would drop the biscuits. I smiled to myself, the willingness to help was stronger than the boy's fear it seemed. And his father encouraged him constantly not to give up.

A few minutes passed and I heard the train coming, my weakened legs moved lightly and I got up. The dog followed me... and we walked towards our destination. My heart beat raced at the sight of approaching train. It slowed down with every inch it came closer. The station strangely looked empty again. The boy was gone so did the other passengers. The station master gave a wicked smile standing close to me... He said 'you will be trapped here forever. This train will not stop here.' The words seemed to reel in head but I did not believe a word of what he said.

 I walked closer to the platform and stood awaiting the train's halt. When it passed by me, I started following it. Running behind slowly was the dog. The train seemed to increase it's pace. I couldn't believe my eyes. My legs denied to co-operate... breathlessness disabled my pace severely. With my hands outstretched towards the running train I gave up the hope to return to my world. My pathology laboratory seemed like a distant dream... The faces of friends and family dissolved into the vastness of illusion. 

The station seemed deserted once again. My breathing seemed to return to normal. I walked back to the bench and waited for the next train. The buzzing of insects continued in my ears....



  1. excellent writing. you have captured the world of dreams with a floating sensation that captured my attention. You a have a talent. keep writing

  2. Haunting tale. I think the dog knows more than he lets on!

  3. a good dream story - haunting and well written. I wonder how long he's been waiting for the train to stop... if he's old now and he expected still to be young?

  4. Hi Batty,
    Thank you for your kind words. Will definitely write better!

    U are right about the dog...

    Gospel writer,
    The main character in this story is 'me'... so technically it's a 'she'... In this dream, theres a transformation from a young she to an old he.. I am also training to become a pathologist... so I have fleetingly mentioned about 'my pathology laboratory' which seemed to fade away like a dream!!!

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