It was thought that the gods blew on creative people, who would then inhale the god's breath and have an idea. This is the premise of "inspiration": inhaling divine breath and ideas.

Monday, December 6, 2010

When the earth fell in love......

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The sun shone brightly and it's rays pierced through the light air to reach ground. The trees stood tall beside the calmly flowing river. Birds flew with joy and the flowers seemed to dance in harmony. Close to the banks of river a beautiful woman stood washing her feet which was covered with mud. She was no human, she was earth! Her beauty could not be explained by simple words and was beyond human comprehension. The trees, the flowing river and birds acknowledged her presence and bowed with reverence. The river water came rushing to wash her feet and pay their respects. She continued to walk through the forest silently and slowly like a queen in her kingdom.....

The sky was clear that day. He was flying as usual in his speed watching for any suspicious signs. He had a hundred eyes and his hands were swift in driving him to the desired location. Now as he passed his eyes through this forest, he came to a sudden halt. 'Who is this damsel?' he questioned himself. 'Those eyes, filled with beauty of nature, such a beautiful face. What lovely hair!...' He seemed to be lost in thought. The sun drove his chariot over the distracted sky and it was only then did sky realize he had stopped flying! He apologised to his master and continued swiftly forward. But for the rest of the day he found that his heart was without peace.... He left all his eyes and gave away his heart to that damsel in the forest......  And when night fell, he led all those stars near the forest and it was the most beautiful night. He could not take his eyes off earth. She seemed to be asleep like a child, her breathing seemed rhythmic and an intoxicating fragrance seemed to encompass her. Sky covered the earth like a blanket that night. And he wondered how blind he had been all this while...


  1. In this story titled 'When the earth fell in love...' my main characters are the beutiful 'Earth' and the youthful 'Sky'. My creative eye tells me that Earth is a woman, tender, gentle, exceptionally beautiful, innocent and forgivable. 'Sky' is a handsome youth who protects the earth by forming a barrier around her.

  2. A most beautiful piece, elegantly portraying the interaction between the two. Very well done!

  3. Interesting and lovely bit of pose, Medhini - first time by your blog, and I must say I'm impressed. The divine-nature take on the prompt is quite unique, though I certainly agree with your take on nature. Whenever I visualize the earth, it is always in the feminine...interesting to think of "Sky" as the handsome youth. I can see it, though I had not considered as such before. You utilize them both nicely here.

    Thanks for joining in on the One Shoot this week!

  4. Eyes "filled with beauty of nature" love that phrase, and particularly like the ending use of language and the personifications in the piece. Nice writing.

  5. Thank you friends for all those lovely words!!

  6. medhini u dwnt know hw impressed i am wd on a book n get it published...

  7. "The sun drove his chariot over the distracted sky and it was only then did sky realize he had stopped flying!" A very interesting concept of sky moving along with the sun. Beautiful imagination